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The Mager Law Firm offers a range of legal services for businesses from contract work to mergers and acquisitions. Work with business owners, management and shareholders helps them better understand current and future issues in order to minimize risk, create positive outcomes and optimize value.

Business law requires an intelligent approach to corporate legal requirements balanced with with an appreciation of the unique characteristics of individual businesses. This blend of experience, practiced intuition and service are the foundation of MLF's long-term client relationships.

Often work with business clients begins with a request to produce specific legal documents or manage a transaction. Over time, these relationships evolve to a more comprehensive advocacy role. The business practice has thrived because clients recognize the importance of effective results and measurable value.

Entity Incorporations/Organizations
Mergers & Acquisitions
Corporate Reorganizations
Shareholder Agreements/Buy-Sell
Stock/Unit Sale Agreements
Stock/Unit Option Agreements
Restricted Stock/Unit Agreements
Stock Redemption Agreements
Stock/Unit Gifting
Executive Compensation Agreements
Employment Agreements
Independent Contractor Agreements
Third Party Business Agreements
Commercial Lease Agreements
Quitclaim Deeds
Promissory Notes
Private Foundations
Restrictive Covenants (Non-Compete;
      Non-Solicitation; Non-Recruitment)

Referral's are made for work that fall's outside of the firm's core practice areas.
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